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Dankie dat jy, oh soort praat Swahili Gentleman

Nog nie bekend gemaak by Liz Lee

Land: Kenia

Die ervaring

Any person from Africa will tell you that it is generally not safe for any woman to travel on the city to city local transportation. Much less a single, 22 year old foreigner from Canada travelling alone. But there I was, taking the 14 hour locaI bus ride from Arusha to Nairobi, having just spent a fun filled weekend in Tanzania. Call it my own naivete, my propensity to try to save a couple of dollars or my plain stupidity. In any event, a long bus ride in Kenya is not a comfortable affair. Aside from being on a beat up bus and travelling on rocky roads with mini crater sized pot holes, the "rest" stop is often a mere pulling over to the side of the road after a 3 hour ride, in which the patrons clamor out of the bus to relieve themselves on the side of the road. But for one unusual break, we were fortunate enough to actually stop off at a small village that actually had a washroom like facility. When I finished my business there, I went to see if there was any way I could find a drink or some food. I was starving. So caught up in trying to find food, I hadn't noticed how much time had passed by because when I came out of whatever hut I was in, I realized the bus had left. That was not good. I was in a village with no running water, no electricity and probably no chance of seeing outside civilization for days. I was really in the middle of nowhere. But before I could begin to panic, I saw a bus in the distant, mercilessly coming back to rescue me. I hopped onto the bus and took my seat back next to a big Swahili speaking gentleman who had been asleep for most of our ride but was now wide awake and looking at me. As the bus pulled away, my seating partner quickly fell back asleep as I look back at the little village in complete and utter relief that I hadn't been stranded there indefinitely. A guy sitting on the bus behind me poked my shoulder and said "You lucky lady. Bus driver leave you in village but that man tell him he go pick you up or he in trouble for leaving American to die." I glanced over at the big African man snoring softly and taking up three quarters of the two seats. Lucky indeed.

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