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Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi – An Activity You Should Never Miss

Nog nie bekend gemaak by Akshay Koranne

Land: Verenigde Arabiese Emirate

Die ervaring

Desert safari in Abu Dhabi is an activity you should never miss if you are vacationing in U.A.E. Though, you might be more interested in taking an Abu Dhabi city tour, it is highly recommended that you also head outside the city for a desert tour. Why? Because, this is one of the best ways to enjoy an adventure that gives you a peek into the bedouin lifestyle. Also, you get close to nature, and experience an adventure you can’t get anywhere.

What to Expect

The desert safari starts with a bang. You are taken in super powerful 4x4 SUVs for dune bashing. The golden dunes of Abu Dhabi are quite treacherous, and make for an adventurous ride. Dune bashing has become one of the best attractions of the desert safari. The drivers of the SUVs are professional, and ensure you have a great time, but also remain safe. This ride is a fabulous way to start the desert adventure. You also get an option to do quad biking on the dunes. This time, only you are in full control of these powerful bikes. After enjoying in the desert, you are then taken to the desert camp.

Desert Camp

The camp is a gorgeous place made with majlises, and bonfires. Ladies can enjoy Henna painting done by professional Henna painters. Henna designs are like temporary tattoos. They have been a long tradition, quite popular with ladies. You can also dress up in traditional Arabic clothing, and get your pictures taken. These pics will make for great memories of your safari. There are other activities as well like camel riding, which you can try in the camp. Camels are social creatures, and interacting with them can be fun. Nature has designed them for the desert, so, riding on them is quite a unique experience.


The desert is a hot and humid place. Therefore, you will always have access to cool drinking water, soft drinks, and snacks throughout. But it gets better at the desert camp. Here, you are also served unlimited amounts of traditional Arabic tea and coffee. Arabic coffee is famous the world over. It is freshly roasted and ground in front of your eyes, and you are served right in front of the bonfire after sunset. To make this experience even better, you are also served shisha, better known as hubbllee bubblee. You can enjoy smoking it, while sipping hot coffee in between. You will feel utterly relaxed. However, this is not all, there’s more to come in your desert safari in Abu Dhabi.

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After such wonderful experiences in the desert, the dinner only adds more to the fun. It is a complete BBQ spread of veg and non veg dishes. Cooked to perfection, this delicacies will have you licking your fingers. There are salads, breads, meats, vegetables, desserts, and many other items on the menu. You will get to experience the true lavish spreads the bedouins used to have during special occasions. However, the night does not end with dinner.

Belly & Tanoura Dancers

Dinner and a show, this is what you are treated to at the desert camp. You’ll be entertained by beautiful, professional belly dancers. Their rhythmic dance to the beat of the drum will keep you mesmerised. The Tanoura dancers too are equally good. This traditional dance mimics the spinning of the cosmos around each other. This dance is only performed by male dancers and has been existence since centuries. You are also treated by fire performers whose daredevil antics will keep you on the edge of the seat.

If you’ve chosen the overnight safari, you can stay back, and sleep under the stars in sleeping bags or majlises, or even better, you can sit by the bonfire, and chat with friends and family whilst sipping on Arabic coffee.

The desert safari in Abu Dhabi is one of the most popular activities amongst tourists. It is an experience that can be shared and cherished. Also, it is the perfect way to enjoy the desert, which cover most of U.A.E, and enjoy a lifestyle that is slowly disappearing. The Abu Dhabi city tour is also another way to enjoy this great city. So plan a trip, and pack your as Abu Dhabi awaits you.

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