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Verken die Ramesseum ruïnes in Egipte

Nog nie bekend gemaak by Vanessa Boiser, Writer

Land: Egipte

Die ervaring

Die Ramesseum Ruïnes in Egipte, geleë in die Vallei van die Konings, is die graf van Koning Ramses II, wat vir 67 jaar regeer. Onder Ramses II se bewind, Egipte ervaar welvaart en weelde en is dit geen wonder dat Die Ramesseum ruïnes in Egipte was een van die deftigste begraafplase in die omgewing. Ongelukkig, die plek waar die Pharoah se graf gebou is, is mees kwesbare tot die oorstromings en plundering wat tans, die graf is meestal beskadig. Pogings word gedoen om dit terug te herstel tot sy oorspronklike grootsheid. Onlangs was daar 'n verslag van forestalled stelery in die Ramesseum ruïnes in Egipte, wat insluit' n graniet borsbeeld van die geliefde Farao. Die Ramesseum ruïnes in Egipte kan maklik uitgeken word vir die 17-meter standbeeld van die Farao. Dit was gesê dat dit 20 jaar geneem om die Grand graf te bou sedert Ramses II was as die heerser van die land geïnstalleer.

Wanneer wil jy gaan

The best time to visit the Ramesseum ruins in Egypt is during winter, preferably in November to January when the temperature is not very hot and it is less uncomfortable to explore the tomb. The advantage of going to the Ramesseum ruins in Egypt, especially in the early morning is there are less people who explore the area because there is little to see inside the tomb since most of it is harmed by the looters and the flooding. But the good news is it offers a respite from the herd of tourists because less people come to explore the tomb. Moreover, you will still be able to marvel at the architectural feat done outside the tomb because everything was done in the grandest scale. Also, it is likely that you will visit a few more tombs instead of just exploring the Ramesseum ruins in Egypt. This is usually because a pre-arranged tour to the Valley of the Kings is given as a package of at least three burial sites. A pre-planned tour to the Ramesseum ruins in Egypt is more advisable than going on your own so you will not fall prey to people who just show up and give you an unsolicited tour in exchange for baksheesh (tip).

Odds n 'Ends

To prepare you for your visit to the Ramesseum ruins in Egypt, you must first ensure that it is safe to travel to Egypt. Presently, the atmosphere in the Valley of the Kings is relatively peaceful. However, check with your embassy for a travel review against going to Cairo. If the atmosphere is found to be pleasant and fit for travel, book a hotel in Cairo and don’t forget to ask about pre-arranged tours with a guide or just a car to the Ramesseum ruins. Hotels in Cairo provide excellent service at more affordable prices compared to other popular tourist destinations. Going in the winter or at peak season will be a bit more expensive but truly worth it. Men and women should dress conservatively to prevent offending Egyptians. Leave your shorts and sleeveless at home, unless you are going to visit a beach or a resort and wear comfortable shoes that won’t melt on the hot asphalt and sand. If you are going to bring a camera, ask your tour operator to avail a permit for you to take pictures along with the tickets to the Ramesseum ruins in Egypt. Don’t forget to bring a flashlight to help you see inside the tomb. Make sure to bring Egyptian pounds for tipping. 5E£ is a fair enough tip for people who are extra helpful. ATMs and credit cards are widely accepted in Cairo and if you are going to the Ramesseum ruins in Egypt on a Friday, withdraw money beforehand since most of the banks and other establishments will be closed. Do not forget to rehydrate to prevent yourself from getting exhausted. Finally, have fun and enjoy your trip! Here is a nice hotel where you can spend your holiday in Egypt:

Vier Seisoene Hotel Cairo (Nyl Plaza)
Maglis El Shaab, Garden City, 11.519 Kaïro, Egipte
Tel: 20 (2) 2791-6900.


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